It doesn’t matter what kind of engine you have, petrol or diesel. In both cases, you must properly check and maintain the vehicle for your safe ride. When your car vehicle exhausts the smoke in the two colors gray or blue then it is an indication of which the vehicle burning oil is leaking into your engine’s combustion chamber.

This burning oil can cause the wide range of the issues from reduced fuel to the less than acceleration economy. As indicated above this burning oil smells can also come out of the exhaust and when the piston rings get damaged the burning oil is caused by the lack of engine compression in the combustion chamber and the excessive oil entering into the engine chamber.

This also caused by the burning oil when the cylinder head valve guides are damaged in the vehicle. Other possible things that cause the blue exhaust smoke includes the engine oil leak sealer, piston wear, worn piston rings, non-functioning or dirty PCV valve, intake manifold gasket leak and the gasket head failure will lead to the cause of the oil leakage. This oil leaking into the cylinders will cause the fouled spark plugs, rough idle and misfire.

When your car has too much oil in the engine, then there may be smoke coming out from the car tailpipe and there are also lots things that can cause the car engine to guzzle too much oil.

Among the issues, the most usual cause of the engine oil consumption is exhaust guides, worn piston rings or worn valve guides. When the common issues are solved then you can stop oil leak from the engine and this makes your engine to work properly and the smoke will not come out of the exhausts.

Generally the car with smoking engine does not overheat this is because of the things like coolant, oil, engine cleaning products, gasket sealant material and transmission fluid all together makes the smoke. The most common causes of the oil stop leak is accidentally spilled out when filling and this makes the valve cover gaskets to leak and cause the smoking in engine.

Best oil additives for stopping the engine oil leaks

oil additive to stop smokeThe following are the best oil additives that are found to be effective in stopping the engine oil leaks where this can be used for stopping the engine oil leaks.

  • Lucas engine oil stop leak
  • Bar’s leaks grey rear main seal repair concentrate
  • Blue devil oil stop leak
  • ATP engine oil stop leak
  • No leak engine oil stop leak

The above oil stopping leak is found to be the best in the market due to their expertise and this product is no different from its predecessors but it offers the impressive performance to your car engine and ensures that you get the best out of it. Among the above oil, stop leaks the Lucas engine oil leak is found to be the best oil leak stopper and when you use this product then there will not be any more leaks, no weird sounds and no more corrosion from your engine.