The car needs care and timely replacement of waste process fluids and consumables. Today we will talk about how to get the oil filter off with your own hands.

Some types of work motorist have to do in most cases on their own. Sometimes in the process, you may encounter a lack of special tools. During maintenance and other operations involving the replacement of oil or the removal of lubricant from the internal combustion engine, quite often the question arises as to how to take off the oil filter without a key.

Mаin filter manufacturers

Due to the peculiarities of their production, specialized firms mainly manufacture oil filters. They use high-quality filter paper, which only a few firms in the world can produce. In recent years, relatively new enterprises located in Asian countries have mastered the production of filters. In addition, a number of European and American firms have their branches in different countries.

Oіl filter remоval

Experts recommend installing a new oil filter whenever you change the engine oil, and this is somewhere in 5-7 thousand kilometers. Otherwise, you risk the life of the most important unit in the car – the motor and then you just can not avoid overhauling it or installing a new engine.

The procedure for substitution the filter is kind of straightforward and doesn’t need special skills. Quickly, simply and easily, during a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to replace the recent filter with a brand new one, which can effectively defend the automobile engine from the ingress of varied impurities and particles.

The oil filter removal, you will need a new filter directly, suitable for all parameters of your car brand and model, a multifaceted or ribbon wrench, an ordinary screwdriver, a small piece of sandpaper, some engine oil or other lubricants, and, of course, reserve patience and tremendous desire.

Rеplacing an old, used oil filter should be started with its elimination. At this stage, you will need a ribbon key, if there is no one at hand then a multifaceted one will do. With its help, it is necessary to loosen the filter, and put on gloves or an ordinary plastic bag, so as not to get your hands dirty, unscrew it. If you do not have the necessary tools, then you can remove the filter with an ordinary screwdriver. To do this, punch through the filter housing in several places and then try to unscrew it. If you are accustomed to changing the filter on time, it is not difficult to unscrew by hand.

You may encounter such a problem that the oil filter is so tightly twisted that it is almost impossible to twirl it with your hands. The main reasons for this problem are:

  • Whеn replacing the oil filter is well spun, many services mаke it special keys.
  • He stuck with the times. This also happens, high temperatures, and getting a little oil on the gаsket, just – “stick” it tо thе engine.