AEM Cold Air Intake – 2015+ Subaru WRX – Install/Review.

Do cold air intakes actually work?

Let’s start with yes! Upgrading your intake is the first thing you should do to increase the performance of your car. In a previous article, we gave you three reasons why any serious Tuner would want to have an AEM cold air intake filter in their car. Not only to amaze people after they have opened their bonnet but also to increase their horsepower.

Cold air intakes are especially popular for the amount of horsepower you can add. So, let’s explain how will your new AEM cold air intake increases the performance of your car.

Increase your car’s performance

One of the best cold air intake is the AEM 21-478WR wrinkle red cold air intake system that can boost your car’s performance by up to 5%. Not for nothing is a cold air filter one of the most popular adjustments for autotuning. The supply of cooler air to your engine significantly increases the reaction time and performance of your gas valve. In addition, cold air intake or also cold air inductions can increase the engine’s responsiveness in addition to improving performance. Your vehicle will appear faster as there are fewer restrictions.

More horsepower and higher fuel efficiency

It may seem too beautiful to be true. Upgrading to a cold air intake not only increases the performance, but also the fuel efficiency of your car. By increasing the volume and density of the intake air mixture, the efficiency of combustion will be higher.

Amplifier for your exhaust system

In addition, an AEM 21-478WR wrinkle red cold air intake system acts as an amplifier for other add-ons. So, installing a cold air filter is one thing, but the combination with upgrading your exhaust, chip tuning, or other additional Add-ons, will amplify the increase in performance. When you replace your OEM inlet with an AEM cold air inlet, the limitations of your performance are eliminated. Where your OEM inlet normally ‘suffocates’ your exhaust, your new cold air inlet will no longer do so. In fact, it will get you the most out of all your upgrades.

So, do cold air intakes really work? A cold air intake filter or cold air inductions adds some horsepower, making your car faster, more fuel-efficient and amplifying the effect of your extra upgrades. In addition, it will give your vehicle a wonderful sound upgrade. Ready for an increase in power and free-flowing cold air to your engine? Expand your vehicle with an AEM cold air intakes for the best results. Check some cold/cool air intake reviews with installation and you will understand how to install a cool air intake filter in your car.

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