Hercules tires review

Choosing the right tires with the best quality

After Hercules tire review you can choose the right tire directly without vehicle identification. To do this, it is best to write down the complete tire marking, which you can read laterally on your old tire. Under the tab ‘tires’ you can then enter the necessary data. One of the best tires is Hercules tires, they always have perfect quality and safety characteristics. Before buying new tires you should check some Hercules tires review.

Here is the explanation of how to read the dimension of your Hercules tire:

  • Tire width in mm
  • The cross-section in percent (ratio of tire height tire width)
  • Type of tyre: R = radial tire, D = diagonal tyre
  • Rim diameter in inches
  • The load index (Specifies the maximum permissible load)
  • Speed Index (indicates the maximum permitted driving speed)

Summer or winter tires?

As a simple rule of thumb for changing tires, you can remember to drive from O to O, i.e. from October to Easter with winter Hercules tires. Depending on the weather, however, winter tires must also be re-installed sooner or later. Find and watch some Hercules snow tires review to understand which Hercules winter tires exactly you need.

Fuel efficiency

The lower the rolling resistance of a tire, the lower the fuel consumption. When choosing Class A tires compared to Class G, fuel savings of up to 7.5% are possible (class D is not awarded).

Wet grip

The aim is to achieve the best possible braking performance on wet roads and thus the shortest possible braking distance. With a Class A tire in contrast to Class F (Classes D and G are not awarded), the braking distance can be reduced by up to 30%, which significantly increases safety.

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