How to Clean Your Windshield With Invisible Glass

What is a glass cleaner?

Test glass cleaner if you want to clean your windows, the right cleaning agent is essential. Otherwise, they will not be effective against grease, fingerprints, insects and other streaks, leaving unsightly streaks behind. Glass cleaners are also known as a vinegar cleaner and grease remover in one, as a window cleaner concentrate, window cleaner, as a window cleaner as well as a window cleaner. The glass cleaning of your Windows is by no means the only challenge that such a product takes on. A high-quality glass cleaner can also be used as a bathroom cleaner, car cleaner, rim cleaner and as a cleaning agent for various smooth surfaces.
Above all, it is important that the product does not leave any visible residues after application. In order to prevent streaks, surfactants, which can be found in other cleaners in large quantities, are only contained to a very small degree in Window cleaners. Rather, glass cleaners are aqueous solutions that are mixed with alcohol. These types of alcohol are used particularly frequently:
– Ethanol
– Isopropanol
– Glycolether
These are organic alcohols. They are responsible for ridding the surfaces of oil – and greasy dirt. In addition to water and alcohol, dyes and fragrances can be found in many glass cleaners. The Spiritus glass cleaner from Frosch, for example, is green, as this fits the brand image. Fragrances in a window cleaner should contribute to customer satisfaction by making the cleaned windows not only look clean, but also smell so.

What types of glass cleaners are there?

Glass cleaner comparison glass cleaner is not the same as glass cleaner. This is partly due to the fact that car glass panes are often much more polluted than is the case, for example, with your glass coffee table. Insects, diesel oils and even small amounts of Asphalt are deposited on the windows of your vehicle. These more persistent impurities have led to more and more companies offering special car glass cleaners for you. These contain a higher concentration of organic alcohol. There are also more surfactants in these glass cleaners.

Buy glass cleaner – what should you consider?

Given the wide range of products on the market, which is also due to the fact that many supermarket chains and drugstores sell window cleaners as part of their own-brand range, the purchase decision will probably not be so easy for you. A comprehensive glass cleaner comparison makes sense so that you can find the right product for your purposes faster in the desired quality. First, make the decision whether it should be a ready-to-use glass cleaner or a concentrate for you to stir. Also, consider for which purposes you want to use the cleaner.
Especially when using your car windows, a particularly powerful cleaner is required, so you may want to spend more on a special cleaner. For domestic use, however, a simple glass cleaner from the bar may be sufficient. While this guide has already informed you about many important facets of common window cleaning agents, the following list clearly summarizes which criteria should be considered when searching for the appropriate remedy:
– The quantity of product contained in liters or milliliters
– Whether you get the glass cleaner together with a spray bottle
– The ingredients and their compatibility – especially important for allergy sufferers, households with children or pets
– The price per Milliliter for a simple price comparison
– The scope of delivery – is the suitable microfiber cloth included?
– Against which types of soiling the glass cleaner arrives
– The color and on which dyes the cleaner relies
– The brand and its reputation
– The Price-Performance Ratio
– The cost of shipping when ordering online
– The scent of the detergent and whether fragrances are contained
– For which surfaces the product is suitable
– With beading effect or without
– To what extent the glass cleaner is vegan and without animal ingredients
– pH-value of the glass cleaner
– Whether the spray head of the bottle has different modes, such as foam cleaning,
– To what extent the cleaner is offered in an environmentally friendly refill pack.

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