2008-2014 Ford F-150 & Expedition 5.4L 3v: Updated Spark Plug Replacement.

The Motorcraft – one of the best spark plugs manufacturers

The Motorcraft SP-479 spark plugs are designed to improve electrode wear beyond the capability of the single platinum spark plug. The amount of platinum is 2 to 3 times better than the single platinum plug.

The high melting point of the platinum provides superior resistance to erosion, it’s very high-quality sparks. This results in intervals between 60,000 and 100,000 miles between spark plug changes while maintaining optimal engine performance.

Product features of auto parts, Motorcraft spark plugs replacement:

  • Not extended tip-for many older model vehicles.
  • Extended tip prevents fouling at low engine speeds and self-cleaning at high engine speeds.
  • Extra extended tip-used in specially designed engines to protrude further into the combustion chamber.
  • A single platinum tip, used for both conventional and ignition coil systems, provides maintenance intervals of 60,000 to 100,000 miles.
  • Fine platinum top quality plugs that use more platinum to reduce Fouling firing voltage and provide even longer service intervals than other platinum offerings.
  • Nickel alloy-these plugs feature electrodes designed for a longer life without platinum improvements.
  • The Motorcraft company develop iridium plugs and diesel spark plugs

Why is quality so important for spark plugs?

Since iridium is expensive, manufacturers of Motorcraft iridium spark plugs reduce the diameter of the center electrode to only 0.4 mm, which increases the ignition efficiency. However, since it is not recommended to split iridium plugs because their tips can be damaged, they tend to have poorer conductivity. For this reason, they are not always the best choice for modified engines. You can find hundreds of comparisons on the Internet such as iridium vs platinum spark plug but anyway you should choose only the best parts for your car, choose Motorcraft Spark Plug because it is one of the best products on the market. You just need to decide what spark plugs you need, iridium or platinum.

Platinum vs iridium spark plugs

Both types have the same parts and the same structure. The only difference between iridium and platinum spark plugs is the metal used in the center of the electrode. As you may have already found out, platinum plugs use platinum, while iridium plugs use Iridium for the tip of the center electrode. Iridium plugs cost more than platinum plugs, partly because iridium is a rarer metal than platinum, but also because it offers several advantages.

Iridium has a much higher melting point than platinum. with values around 4400 or 3200 degrees Fahrenheit. Iridium certainly has an advantage when you consider that gases are constantly ignited in the chamber, which causes the spark plug to be exposed to very high temperatures. The higher melting point means that Iridium plugs can be made hotter than platinum plugs. Although hot plugs are not always desirable, they are preferred for city trips.

Another advantage of Iridium over platinum is its strength, with the strength of 8 being more than eight times as high. This essentially means that an iridium spark plug has to take much more punishment before it experiences significant wear and tear. A platinum spark plug is expected to last 40,000 miles before being replaced, while an iridium spark plug can reach 60,000 miles or more. The cost of the plug is not necessarily an important argument, but the actual replacement can be a problem for some cars. The positions of the spark plugs may be difficult to reach or other components must be removed first. It would be more difficult if you do it yourself or more expensive if you have it done in a shop.

The power difference would be relatively small if there are spark plugs between Iridium and platinum. If you consider both as replacements, the iridium plug is probably better, as you don’t have to change so often and don’t have to worry about the electrode eroding prematurely within the combustion chamber, leaving potentially harmful deposits. However, if you want to change the plug frequently, as new plugs always work better, using platinum plugs may not be a bad idea.

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