Sonax Wheel Cleaner Test- No Agitation

Clean and seal alloy wheels – that’s how it works!

Who attaches importance to the optics in his vehicle, does not get around a cool wheelset. The cleaning and sealing of alloy wheels is, therefore, an issue for most vehicle owners. We show you how to properly clean and seal your alloy wheels.

Visually appealing wheelsets are not an exclusive phenomenon of the tuning scene. Anyone who wants to visually upgrade their vehicle will be the first to fight their way through the rim catalog. Hardly any other tuning measure has such an effect on the overall picture.

Cleaning alloy wheels: a current topic

In addition to the absolute Tuning hardliners with 3-piece forged wheels, the number of “Casual tuners”, which have their new car equipped with an upgraded wheelset from the factory, is constantly growing. In addition, many modern and powerful cars exclude the option “steel rim” from the outset due to the dimensioning of their braking system.

This then of course also affects the winter season, whereby anyway less and fewer car owners want to do without appealing wheels in the cold season. After all, in some regions, you are half the year in the winter setup on the road and more and more resort to winter-suitable alloy wheels, which then, of course, have even more maintenance requirements.
Since there are always differences of opinion and different approaches to discussing in car care, this article does not understand as the solution, but a solution. And of course, there are also other very good car care products on the market.

Car care: properly clean aluminum rims

In this article, we refer to Sonax 230200-755 Wheel Cleaner Full Effect cleaner, because it is the best wheel cleaner. The highly effective, acid-free special cleaner can be sprayed directly on all painted, chrome-plated and polished rims.
If a wheel, for example, is extremely dirty with mud, it should be rinsed before use, so that the rim cleaner actually arrives on the actual rim surfaces. It is important that the car wheel is not heated by previous braking maneuvers. In addition, the application should not be carried out under direct sunlight. In both cases, the rim cleaner otherwise dries in too quickly and cannot fulfill its task.
If these conditions are met, you can start cleaning the actual alloy wheels. With the help of the spray bottle, The cleaner can be evenly distributed over the entire rim from a small distance. The exposure time varies depending on the degree of soiling and is indicated with at least two and at most four minutes.

The highlight of the Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner is that the effect can be controlled by the discoloration of the cleaner. Because only in contact with dirt such as brake dust does it discolor significantly.
If necessary, the cleaning effect can be enhanced with the aid of a sponge. This is where the Sonax rim brush is suitable, which also achieves difficult-to-access dirt well due to its shape.
Finally, the car wheel only needs to be rinsed with a powerful jet of water or with a high-pressure cleaner and the cleaning of the alloy car wheel is already successfully completed.

  • Cleaning alloy rims in key points
  • Spray rim cleaner on a cooled rim
  • Leave on for 2 to 4 minutes
  • Clean rim with sponge or brush if necessary
  • Rinse product residues with a powerful water jet

If you like it more professionally, you can also use the Sonax PROFILINE rim cleaner. The application as such is almost identical. However, the exposure time of the highly concentrated, the acidic special cleaner is shorter. In addition, protective measures (such as the wearing of gloves) must be taken with professional products. If you don’t know how to clean rims or how to clean chrome rims you watch some reviews about cleaning rims, or you want to make a rim renew you need to remember that Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner is the best chrome cleaner and the best aluminum wheel cleaner.

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