How to Wax My Car: Helpful Tips


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In order for the used car to remain beautiful for a long time, a little more work is often required than just the semi-annual drive through the car wash. Car paint is sealed with wax, but this sealing can suffer from various environmental influences. In Winter road salt attacks the surface, in summer direct sunlight softens the wax or polish so that insects and plant pollen stick to it. Experts recommend renewing the car wax once a year, but it is definitely worth the treatment after buying a used car.

Car wax from nature

The ingredients of the car wax and polish are actually also found in many cosmetic products. Almond oil, beeswax, and even Aloe Vera are included in many paint sealants. But the wax of the carnauba palm is particularly popular. This Plant produces the hardest naturally occurring wax. The fabric has a high melting point of 87 degrees Celsius, which makes it insensitive to sunlight and therefore perfect as car wax. The carnauba wax is mixed with other varieties and additives to make it easier to apply and sold in small doses.

Car Wax Preparation

If the vehicle is to be processed, it may be worthwhile to remove the old polish layer before sealing. For this, you can use detergent, which should not come into contact with the rubber seals on doors and windows. Isopropanol is also often recommended, which is not only highly flammable but also very harmful to the environment. A gentle but thorough wash with detergent should, therefore, suffice to remove the old sealant. Now caution is required because the unsealed paint is extremely susceptible to environmental influences such as Pollen and bird droppings.

Apply car wax – that’s how it works

Car wax consists, to a large extent made of natural, non-toxic products, but most products also contain ingredients that can harm the skin. Therefore, disposable gloves are part of the basic equipment for car axles. The polish must be applied sparingly on a soft foam applicator and distributed in tight circular movements on the paint. Parts made of plastic and rubber must not come into contact with the wax, they must be glued off beforehand.

Do not worry about residues

When the polish is applied, many laymen are startled at first: the surface looks terrible, the varnish is ruined. Do not worry: the seal must first dry for a few hours so that solvents and emulsifiers can separate from the wax and evaporate. The finger wipe test provides information on whether the sealant can be wiped: gently wipe the varnish with your Finger. If a shiny surface remains, the remains can be wiped with a soft cloth. And behold: the varnish shines as if it had just been applied.

Car wax to increase value

Of course, it is not done with a new layer of wax. Before applying the new layer, the paint should be thoroughly polished, simply work the dirt into the wax layer. But the new seal for the car paint not only looks good, but it can also bring a decent increase in value when selling a freshly waxed used car.

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